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(Y'know the word "so"? Yeah, like that. Sou hard, right?) Sou, born August 19, 1998, is the youngest and most well-known member of Bomberman. He lives in Tokyo with both his parents, both of whom encourage his focus in music and the music industry. An only child, he also enjoys playing video games. He has a child-like voice, often referred to by others and himself as "refreshing", and sings a lot of sad songs. Sou is very fond of puns with his name; Even the title "refreshing" ("Soukai" in Japanese) is a play on his name, which in itself is also play on his real name. He can speak minimal English due to his schooling, and sometimes broadcasts as he does his homework.


(YOU-kee-mee)Yukimi is born February 1997 and currently lives alone in Tokyo. He's a university student and mentions that he has good grades despite not being seen studying often. He's very fond of good food, the color purple, and cute clothes, often tweeting or instagramming very well-shot pictures. He has a high, slightly nasally voice, and is sometimes mistaken for a girl. Yukimi is often fawned over by other singers due to his delicate facial features and feminine voice, including fellow group members Again and Bee. Various jokes have been made about Yukimi's name coming from the mochi ice cream brand Yukimi Daifuku, to which no comment has been made by Yukimi other than the fact that he does in fact like Yukimi Daifuku.


(ah-GAIN)@gain has not revealed how old he is and whether he is employed and/or going to school. However, we do know that he lives with both of his parents in Tokyo. He dreams of being an idol and singing on a big sparkly stage with a crowd cheering for him. His voice is described by fans as "noisy" and childish, often yelling in his covers. He has few covers compared to the other members, but in turn streams his singing on a more regular basis. He often plays the straightman role among the group of friends, reprimanding Meychan for odd behavior and hanging up on Bee when his yelling gets to be too much. He's very fond of his fellow group members, tweeting whenever one of the others uploads a new cover, playing said covers as background music when he streams, and even keeping fans up-to-date on Ivu after the latter left Twitter.


(Please tell me you know how to pronounce his name. It's like a bumblebee. Buzz Buzz.)Bee is a college student who lives alone in . He has the deepest voice out of the six of them, and, despite being known for yelling a lot and having a noisy style of singing, tends to cover ballad songs. He doesn't have many covers, albeit having more than @gain at least, and doesn't twitcast often. On his 2015 birthday, each of the other Bomberman members shipped to him a large box of instant noodles, Ivu even wrapping his nicely.


(MAY-chan)Meychan is a college student who lives with his parents and his siblings. He has a decently high voice, his calm singing style contrasting greatly with his typical noisy behavior. He's known among this group of friends to be the joker, making a fool out of himself for laughs and purposefully having odd behavior. The other members generally tease him a lot, for instance claiming that they are really Bomberman plus Meychan. He is also good at cooking, drawing, and playing the guitar, and is arguably one of the stronger vocalists in terms of technique.


(EE-voo)Ivu is 23 years old, born on February 14th (yes, on Valentine's Day), and has the second lowest voice in the group. He stated after Chain Bomber!! that he'd be stopping his singing activities due to real life situations. He still talks regularly with @gain, whom he gives selfy advice to and confided in when he sold his microphone. He also apparently still is in the Bomberman group chat according to the others, and once in a while drops in while they're streaming, sometimes calling them via Skype and joining them on stream.