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About Chain Bomber!!

Chain Bomber!! was the name of their live on March 21, 2015. They met up on March 20th, with Yukimi, @gain, and Sou traveling together and Ivu, Bee, and Meychan all commuting separately. During the stay, Sou, @gain, and Meychan all stayed at a hotel while Ivu and Yukimi switched between staying at the hotel and staying at Bee's apartment with Bee. Houkago no Aitsu (also known as Afterschool Boy) was also present at the event as a staff member, assisting in merchandise sales and even appearing on stage for a single-song cameo. After the event ended, Sou immediately had to leave, as he had school the next day. Yukimi and @gain therefore went home together, Ivu and Meychan going home seperately, and Bee staying because he lives there.