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Deco*27 Memorial Medley Mix

Thus far the only cover the six of them have made together, the Deco*27 Medley is, as the title states, a medley of songs all composed by Deco*27. Yes, the person is still alive. No, I'm not quite sure why it's called a memorial mix if they're still alive.

The order of singers is: Ivu -> Sou -> Bee -> Yukimi -> Meychan -> @gain -> Sou+Yukimi -> Bee+@gain -> Ivu+Meychan -> Everyone!!

Solo Recs



Sou does a really good job at putting emotion into his voice when singing sad songs, as seen here. Also known as "Somehow", this song is about a robot who struggles understanding feelings, finding that an emotion strong enough as love pains them, and believing that it would be easier if their partner were to just destroy them, as they don't think they can love back as well as their partner deserves.


Bye-Bye Lover

Uploaded on April 29, 2015, Yukimi's cover of Bye-Bye Lover is very soft and soothing, almost like a lullaby. The lyrics are of a lovesick person who is grateful that their partner showed them such kindness and affection but also is still hurt by the breakup.



The title can be translated as "A Meeting of Stars", basing off the story of Tanabata, in which a couple is forced to seperate on either side of the starry sky and are only to meet on the single day of the Tanabata festival. @gain chose to cover this song on his 2015 birthday with Meychan's assistance.



There's controversy as to how the title of this song is written in English/romanized letters. Bee uploaded his cover on his 2015 birthday, singing in a softer, more calming way than he normally does.


Yomosugara Kimi wo Omofu

Translated as "Thinking About You All Night Long", this song is about how falling in love has helped the singer with coping with life and continuing on despite believing themselves to be worthless, stating that even after getting hurt, they still continue to love. A song composed by NishizawasanP, Yomosugara is one of the few instances Meychan chooses to sing with a lower sort of voice.

Shihatsu to Kafka

Also known as "The First Train and Kafka", this song is based off the book "The Metamorphosis" by Kafka, the lyrics following the same story of a depressed man turning into a bug. Composed by nbuna, the song shows off Meychan's higher range very well.



This is literally the only cover he kept up when he made the decision to leave after Chain Bomber!!. A sad song about goodbyes, the song itself has an oddly bouncy beat.

Alien has no professional affiliation with Bomberman and is just a really huge fan.